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SEO SignSEO Kickoff Seminar (1 day package 9am – 5pm)

  • “7 Steps of Successfully Marketing Your Business Online”
  • “Everything I know I Learned from Google”
Google Eyes – Understanding the Robot
Breaking down the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages)
Significance of Being #1
  • “The Power of Keywords”
Money Keywords vs. Bad Keywords
Finding the Right Keywords
Keyword Tools – A thorough Explanation of Highly Effective Keyword Tools
  • “Analyzing the Competition” – Everything They Are Doing We Need To Do Better
“Kitchen Table Copy” – Breakdown of Competitors Websites and Offers
“Monetizing the Compitition” – How Much Traffic Is Available
  • Establishing Our Perfect Client – Understanding Who Our Clients Will Be and What We Need To Offer
  • Mind-Mapping Your Business – Brain Storming Session To Layout What Options Are Available To Your Business
  • Creating a Point of Difference – What Makes Your Business Better
  • Building Your Website – Rough Outline and Sketch
What Problems does your Product Solve
Social Proof
Content Management System
Hosting/Dedicated IP
Managing Your Brand
Shopping Cart Integration
  • Filling Your Website With Content
Trust & Desire
Creating Content that is desired by your Niche Market
  • Wrap-up/Q&A
Website Ideas/Application

2 Day Package – SEO Kickoff and SEO Essentials – Day 1 is the SEO Kickoff, Day 2 is SEO Essentials
SEO Essentials – Becoming the Industry Leader – The Market Expert
  • SEO Kickoff Review
  • Building the Brand – Creating the Persona
  • Getting Your Website Noticed By The Search Engines
Search Engine STATS
Search Engine Guide
Avoiding SPAM
Building Links
Link Popularity
Paid Inclusion Programs
  • Google Caffeine – Introducing Googles New Search Engine and How to Prepare
  • Tracking Your Progress – Accurate analysis of how successful your campaign is doing.
  • Building in Sections – Work in Ranges of Pages
  • Keeping Your Site Out of Trouble.
  • Anti-Spam Guidelines
  • Know Your Neighborhood
  • Email Marketing – Capturing Contacts
  • Local Search Domination – How to effectively rank for local keywords
  • Submitting to Directories – Avoiding the wrong and finding the right.
  • External and Internal Linking Strategies
  • Google SEO Linking Commands – Making the SERPS do what you want
  • The Missing SEO Element – Creativity
  • SEO vs SEM – Left Brain Activity
  • Group Project – Creativity in Action
  • Site Reviews – Explain Priority in Action Plan
  • Alternative High-Powered Strategies to Increase Conversions
3 Day Package – SEO Offense – (Day 1 – SEO Kickoff and Day 2 – SEO Essentials) .
SEO Offense – Competition Domination
  • Unique Selling Proposition – Knowing what makes a Visitor a Buyer
  • Advanced Keyword Research – Understanding Search Behaviors and Advanced LSI
  • Thinking Laterally about Buyers Behavior
  • Tips for Writing Effective Sales Copy
  • Blogging For Profits – Content Cash
  • Trackbacks
  • Blog Resources
  • Blog Search Engines – Finding the Conversation
  • Pinging – Ringing Googles Bell
  • Social Media Assault – Appealing to the People
  • Bookmarking – Leaving a Crumb Trail
  • Flickr – Photo Marketing
  • Youtube – Using videos to Rank in minutes
  • Twitter – Tweeting your Brand
  • Squidoo – Building an empire one lens at a time
  • Press Releases – Telling the World
  • Ad Buying
  • PPC Strategy
  • Google Analytics – Tracking your website
  • Google Optimizer –  Split Testing
  • A/B Testing
  • Affiliate Marketing – Profiting from others
  • Biggest Causes of User Failure – Why they don’t give you their money
  • Violating Web Conventions – Don’t break user protocol
  • Duplicate Content Issues
  • CMS Problems
  • Outsourcing the Hard stuff
All Three Days will be crammed full of information and handouts.  You will see first hand how to be successful in your online business.  It is usually a mind numbing and exciting 3 days of learning.
Please call: 317.42.MYSEO
E-mail: David@IndianapolisSEOtraining.com
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