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Most people struggle with trying to combine their SEO Marketing with their Twitter Account to achieve premium SEO results. In fact, most people say that Twitter  in general are useless for SEO organic ranking.

Let me prove how you can have ultimate results!

I will give you this, Twitter does not have link juice. However, because of Twitters extremely high pagerank, and your ability to have your Twitter page achieve a PR of 5 or higher, your tweets and even your Twitter profile page can rank on the first page of Google, with the simple tricks that I will show you below.

I call it…wait for it…THE SEVEN STEPS FOR TWITTER SUCCESS…(that sounded better in my head)

Oh well…moving on.

Step 1. Keyword research.  Find a longtail keyword that you would like to have rank.  Something like “Parrot Cage Set”  With a little research we realize that there are over 60 people a month that are looking for help in making a parrot cage.  There are also a lot of other closely related keywords that could be profitable.

Step 2. Write a Tweet with the keyword phrase in it. Ideally, it should link to a blog post or article of a similar topic for additional traffic.  It would look like “Check out this designer Parrot Cage Set”

Step 3 Write a 300 word article and post it to Ezinearticles, Articlebase and a couple other article sites using the keyword phrase as an anchor text to your “Parrot Cage Set” tweet.

Step 4 Take your original article and “spin” it into another 300 word article.  With this article create a page on HubPages or a lens on Squidoo with an anchor text backlink to your Tweet.  The more you do the better results that you will have.

Step 5 Social Bookmark everything.  Use Digg, Mixx, Delicious and Propeller to bookmark both your EzineArticles/Articlebase articles and your Hubpages/Squidoo post.

Step 6 The key to success is rapid listing.  The way to accomplish this is to Ping everything.  You will want to ping your actual pages and the RSS feed.  This will result in listings within minutes.

Step 7 Sit back and relax and watch your tweet travel up the SERPS.

This is the best way for you to integrate SEO into your Twitter campaign.

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