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Sep 21st, 2009 | By | Category: SEO Tips

I know.  I know.  We all like to think that we are totally in control of any SEO problem that arises, but there are occasions that we sometimes need an outside “word” to give us our desired epiphany.

Insert soulful sound track here.

Which I think is..like…TOTALLY OKAY!

I mean were would we all be if somebody smarter wasn’t there to offer us some advice occasionally.  I’m not saying that I’m smarter.

Really SMART guy!

Really SMART guy!

(4pm and I still haven’t finished anything on my “to DO” list – Wife is sure going to be mad!)

But as I reflect on my past experiences (pardon me while I pontificate) you could say that I have been there and probably have done that many times and failed just as much as I’ve succeeded.  From those ashes and bitter failures, I have picked up on a few tips and tricks along the way that can give you a definite advantage in your business.

So here is the deal.  I hate failure.  It keeps me up at night long after the caffeine of the day wears off.  And being as such a gracious individual as I am.

Reaching to pat myself on the back as I type.

I am offering you a chance to get an outside opinion on your current business ADVENTURE! (echo, echo)

All that you need to do is move your fingers from their current position and place them on the keyboard and answer some real basic questions.

Than sit back and wait for a response.  That is it.  Nothing else.  Zilch. Zero. Nada.

Here it is…have at it!

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